Roksana Smirnova / Misha Kalinin / DUO​

Duo from Ukraine based in Shanghai (China).
Pianist Roksana Smirnova and guitarist Misha Kalinin (www.mishakalinin.com) had played together many concerts. Over the last five years they has been developing their duo. A combination of acoustic piano and electric guitar with effects creates a very special sound. Both musicians have different musical backgrounds that adds interesting elements to the music and creates a unique style.
Misha Kalinin takes guitar out of its traditional place. He brims over with ideas, creating something new at the field of guitar sound.
Pianist Roksana Smirnova . Her sense of form influenced by her background as a classical musician. Both participants brings in original compositions.

The music of the duo does not fit into any one genre. It brings together strongly contrast elements, spacious impressionistic sound, improvisational interaction, dynamic rhythmic structures and sounds dissolving in silence. Their music dialogues are shaped into attractive compositions.
Channeling the flow of inspiration, music of the duo paints pictures in the mind.